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1 someone who leads or initiates an activity (attack or campaign etc.)
2 the leading military unit in an attack
3 the head and sharpened point of a spear [syn: spearpoint, spear-point] v : be the leader of; "She spearheded the effort to find a cure for the disease"

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spear + head


  • a UK /ˈspɪə.hɛd/, /"spI@.hEd/
  • a US /ˈspɪɹ.hɛd/|/ˈspiɹ.hɛd/


  1. The pointed head, or end, of a spear.
  2. One who leads or initiates an activity (such as an attack or a campaign).
  3. The leading military unit in an attack.


the pointed head, or end, of a spear
  • Dutch: speerpunt
  • Finnish: keihäänkärki
  • Hungarian: dárdahegy, lándzsahegy
  • Polish: grot
one who leads or initiates an activity
the leading military unit in an attack
  • Hungarian: előrevetett egység
  • Polish: szpica


  1. To drive or campaign ardently for, as an effort, project, etc.
    He spearheaded the entire project from day one.


to drive or campaign ardently

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A spearhead is the sharpened tip of a spear.
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advance guard, airhead, avant-garde, battle line, be the bellwether, beachhead, beacon, blaze the trail, break the ice, bridgehead, cutting edge, farthest outpost, first line, forefront, front, front line, front rank, front-runner, get ahead of, get before, go before, guide, have the start, head, head the line, initiate, lap, launch, lead, lead the dance, lead the way, light the way, line, outguard, outpost, outstrip, pace, pioneer, point, precede, precursor, railhead, scout, set the pace, stand first, take the initiative, take the lead, van, vanguard
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